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Services Offered

Private Piano Lessons: offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Music Theory Lessons: offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Accompanying for Soloists and Choirs: Please contact me for details and rates.

Solo Piano Music for Special Occasions: Please contact me for details and rates.

Tuition Rates

In Person at Amy's Studio OR Online:

30 minute weekly lesson $136/month

45 minute weekly lesson $204/month

60 minute weekly lesson $272/month

Studio Policy

Trial Lesson:

  • ​Every new student receives a complimentary 30 minute trial lesson. During this lesson we will discuss your musical goals, interests, and expectations. I will have you play a few pieces you are comfortable with if you have had previous lessons, choose the best books for you to purchase, and I will go over my policy. 

  • All new students will receive a detailed copy of my policy at your trial lesson. When you sign up to enroll in lessons I require a signed copy of the agreement. 

Attendance, Practice, and Responsibility:

  • Please be on time to your lesson. Lessons are scheduled back-to-back therefore I am unable to go over your allotted time slot. This applies to online/video lessons as well as in person. 

  • We all know that practice is essential to learning anything.  It is recommended that you set aside time every day to practice. Length of practice depends on the students age and length of lesson. Details will be discussed in your lesson.

  • It is mandatory for you/your child to have an instrument available for practice. You must have an 88 key, weight sensitive keyboard or an acoustic piano at your home. I am more than happy to help you choose what type of keyboard/piano or string instrument is right for you based on your available space and budget.

  • You are responsible for purchasing the required material (i.e. instrument, music books...) for your lessons. Most books can easily be ordered off of or purchased at your local music store. 

  • You are responsible for remembering to bring your books and a pencil to your lesson each week. 

Make Up Lessons:

  • If you are unable to have your lesson, you must provide at least 24 hours notice in order to receive a make up lesson. Last minute cancellations and no-shows will not receive a make up lesson or a refund. 

  • I will provide a make up lesson within 30 days after the missed lesson.

  • You are allowed 3 make ups a year. After 3 if you cancel you do not receive a refund or a make up lesson.

  • If you will be away for several weeks or months in a row you will need to provide 30 days notice and I will not be able to guarantee that your same day and time slot will be reserved when you return. 

Studio Closures (8 weeks total):

  • The week of Presidents Day 

  • One week off in April for Spring Break 

  • Monday for Memorial Day Weekend

  • The week of the fourth of July

  • The week of Labor Day Weekend

  • One week off in October

  • The entire week of Thanksgiving

  • Two weeks for Winter Break/New Year

School Calendar:

  • You may begin classes at any time throughout the year and I do not charge any registration fee.

  • I teach lessons all year round with a total of 44 lessons a year. 

  • You can view my yearly calendar here.


  • Payments for lessons are made monthly by the 10th of every month.  

  • Payment is the same every month regardless of the number of weeks in the month. I teach 44 weeks a year and the lessons are divided into 11 months of payments with no payment made the month of December. 

  • If you would like to pay for multiple months in advance that can be arranged as well.

Payment Options:

  • Zelle: free online bank to bank transfer

  • Venmo: free online payment

  • For all payments, please type the name of the student in the memo so I know which student the payment is for.


  • Performing in recitals is one of the greatest experiences for musicians whether you are a beginner or an advanced pianist. I highly encourage all students to perform in at least two recitals a year.  Performing gives you the opportunity to share with others what you have been working so hard on and the ability to see others perform as well. It is a wonderful time to all come together and enjoy each others music! 

Withdrawal Policy:

  • Lessons are continuous, year around. You are required to provide 30 days notice to terminate lessons anytime throughout the year and you are responsible for paying for the remaining (4) lessons during the 30 days notice.

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