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FAQ about piano lessons...

What ages and levels do you teach?

I teach students of all ages and abilities. Generally students can start as young as 5 years old, however I have taken on few students that are 4.5. I love teaching a mix of children and adults and you can be a new beginner, returning to piano after being away for a while, or more advanced. The more diversity in my studio the better!

How does your calendar work?

To keep the payment the same month to month you are always paying for 4 lessons every month. Due to holiday breaks and different number of weeks in every month this means that sometimes a payment is covering a lesson that occurs in the following month. For an example, April's payment includes the first week of May since there is a week off in April for Spring Break. Please see my calendar here for a clear breakdown of each month and what weeks the payment covers.

How many lessons are there each year?

I teach 44 lessons a year. For payments, this breaks down to owing the same amount every month, except December where no payment is collected. (11 months x 4 weeks = 44 weeks of lessons).

How can I make payments?

All payments are made online or through an app. I accept Zelle and Venmo for all payments. I will let you know the email address or username to use to find me on these two platforms. 

Where and how do you provide recitals?

In the past I have had good relationships with local churches that have quality pianos and recital space. Since I have moved back to Maine during COVID I have not yet solidified a recital venue, but I look forward to doing that as soon as it is safe and comfortable for everyone. I LOVE student recitals and think they are wonderful for students. During COVID I have had online recitals through YouTube that have been very successful!

Do you charge a recital fee?

I do not charge an annual sign-up or registration fee, therefore, when there are recitals students whom are participating are charged a minimal recital fee which is added to their monthly payment. This is used to help cover the costs of renting the recital space, printing programs, creating recital certificates, and providing food for a reception. Generally the recital fee has been $15.00. This may change depending on local costs. 

Can I pause lessons?

No. Since I teach lessons continuously all year around with no dedicated registration time or divisions throughout the year (semesters etc) you can not pause lessons. If you are aware that you will have to stop lessons for a bit of time, or know you will be traveling for a while you must provide 30 days notice and pay for the remaining lessons in the 30 days notice. There are no pauses on lessons. 

Do I need a piano?

Yes. In order to enroll in lessons you will need to have an instrument to practice on. You will have to purchase or have daily access to an 88 key digital piano or an acoustic piano. 

Can I push lessons ahead or receive credit/reimbursement for missed lessons?

No. I am happy to provide 3 make up lessons/year if you are unable to attend a lesson. In order to receive a make up you must provide at least 24 hour notice. If you are going to be on vacation for a few weeks let me know and we can easily work out a great make up schedule to fit your calendar!

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